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  3. My days are full of moments I’ve always wanted to be a part of until now, because I can’t bear another great day if it’s just going to end with me lying here alone again.

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  5. This feeling is magnetic in a way. When you hear a certain name, or a certain combination of letters strewn across a screen, the rhythm at which a person speaks, the witty glare in a stranger’s eye just before they seize an opportunity to make you laugh, a hand on your wrist to comfort you from a bad joke told too soon, it’s that feeling of deja vu when the rain puts out your cigarette at dawn, it’s the journal you never wrote in but you still go back to stare at the pages because you remember what you wouldn’t dare write on page 6. You feel it every time you somehow look at the clock at 11:47 again, because you were once drawn to it, like a magnet to a single coordinate at the top of the world where you once stood, where you fell in love for the second time. However, when two magnets collide hard enough, they break. The pieces are still attracted, but they no longer know why, and they just don’t fit the same way anymore. As is love. 

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  8. I think I’m being seduced. But I don’t want to make a move and find out that I’m completely mistaken and that I’ve actually been “gaybestfriendzoned” again.

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  9. "I hope you’re not turning me into your “gay best friend”."
    — The Bisexual Male

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  11. If you can’t properly manage your affect on me, then maybe you shouldn’t be around to ruin me anymore.

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  12. I’m getting sick and tired of feminists. So I thought I’d throw a wrench into their basket case and share something personal. When I was 8 years old, my mother married a womanizer who had two teenaged daughters. By the time I was nine, I had barely known them because they always hung out with my oldest brother Brian. But I had learned of his “involvement” with the two girls and he let me come along so that I wouldn’t tell anyone what was going on with the two girls and my brother. My mother and my stepfather still hadn’t moved in together since they both rented from the same apartment complex, and it was the best way to house two adults and 5 kids. My brother Brian and I went to the other apartment where they would make out, as far as I knew. I was an early bloomer, but I really didn’t know anything about sex other than what I saw on MTV. By 9 years old, I was programmed to believe that having sex made me a man. My brother was making out with one of the sisters in the closet, while the other was tying my arms to their father’s bed. I encouraged it because I thought it would make my brother believe I was a man. Soon, both the girls were removing my pants, while my brother watched and cheered me on. Before I knew it, there were four female hands on my penis, and both were taking turns with their mouths. All of a sudden, my brother’s pager, and those of the two girls went off at the exact same time. It was my mother and their father wondering where we all were. My brother looked at me and said, “Remember Kevin, tell NOBODY what goes on here, or you’ll be sorry you were ever born.” At 9 years old, I began to develop an insatiable amount of sexual frustration due to that one traumatic event, while at the same time, my stepfather was beating and raping my mother on a daily basis. 16 years of sexual trauma later, I can STILL admit that I was a stupid 9 year old kid and I ASKED FOR IT! It’s not that fucking hard.


  13. Being attractive, as a male, makes certain aspects of life a little easier, but it doesn’t make your life any better. Women will always choose a guy with a more stable income, better friends, and a loving family over somebody better looking. This even applies to casual sex. 

    It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you can’t get your life in order, you’re nobody. I’m officially stating that I’m jealous of people who are overweight, or ugly on any level, because these are the people who can date a thin girl and be seen by the quality of their hearts, rather than by superficial means. These are the people who can also date an overweight girl, tell her she’s beautiful, and never be questioned. Never be doubted, and never told that they’re lying because she knows he can find somebody better. I believe that the pain of being told by your partner that you don’t think she’s beautiful simply because you are attractive must be a pain similar to when an overweight person is told that they aren’t good enough either. I mean, what’s the difference really? Either way, the other person doesn’t think you’re good enough? 

    So next time you want to tell somebody that they can get any girl they want, stop yourself, you may be perpetuating their mania.

    And yes, I believe that I am attractive. That’s the goal, right?


  14. That disgusting feeling where after 24 hours, your selfie still doesn’t have any notes.


  15. Time, alone, doesn’t heal all wounds. It’s time well spent that does the job. I’m still waiting,and you’re not getting any younger.

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